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The following statement, centered, 1 below your name A dissertation or thesis submitted to the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of insert degree in the insert department or program name in the named school. End this statement with a. TOPIC SENTENCE. Contains the Main Idea of the Paragraph. EXAMPLE The blood vessels in a smokers body are severely constricted because of the tar buildup from the cigarettes. Stay in Order of the Points Given in the Thesis Statement. The first body paragraph should be the first subtopic, and so on. TRANSITIONAL. A thesis statement should Be written in a complete sentence of two (No questions!) Include the essays subject and purpose while informing the reader of your focus and what heshe will read in the document. Use specific language while giving the reader an idea of the order in which topics will be discussed. Not to be confused with an organizational sentence, a thesis merely states The book Night follows Elie Wiesels journey from innocence to experience, while an organizational sentence directly states the structure and order of the essay. Basically, the thesis statement should be proven throughout the essay. In each of the.

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