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Wei says that intensive behavior intervention is the most effective option for autistic children to function better, but apps can help too. Teaching Creative Writing to Incarcerated Fathers May Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline. TIPS FOR HELPING KIDS WITH. AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. BECOME HAPPY, SUCCESSFUL. WRITERS. Kathy Oehler MS, CCC-SLP, Cheryl Boucher MS, OTR, Why is the writing process so hard for kids with ASD? Lets look at a few of the skills. In this article, I will introduce a few common sense concepts that can help with story writing as well as creativity in general.. Many philosophers have debated about the purpose of existence, which lies at the core of story writing. Below is my. Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew Updated and E Teachers, therapists, and families are always looking for creative ways to help individuals with autism learn and practice new skills such as composing and writing.

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