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JCPenney Blog Writing Services. Then you come to the writers you can find out theresome on sites like Elance or even Craigslistwho will write a blog post for 50200. This is the bare minimum I would pay for a blog post or article, personally. At this price, you can probably expect the person to have some experience, though not Travel Writers 37 Publishers Who Pay. Travel writers need to be in two (or more) places at once Before we begin, Id like to say something Here at Travel Blogger Academy, I show you how to run your travel blog as a business. Therefore, writing for other publications (especially print) may not be the most effective route. Jul 18, 2011. Whenever someone is first introduced to the world of blogging, invariably the first question is How do bloggers get paid? how do bloggers get paid how to start a blog and get paid. They want to know how writing articles and posting them on a webpage can turn into cash. It is a fair question for sure.

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Get Paid to Write: 101 Sites That Pay You $50-$3000 per Blog Post

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Jul 12, 2017. There is lots of content out there about what a great career freelance writing is. And they. You cant write about everything or youll find yourself spending more time on research than writing, and clients dont pay for research. They pay. You can also submit them to other blogs as guest posts. Its always.

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