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A test used to determine the statistical significance of an observation. Two main types of error can occur 1. A type I error occurs when a false negative result is obtained in terms of the null hypothesis by obtaining a false positive measurement. 2. A type II error occurs when a false positive result is obtained in terms of the null. Ive been offering online statistics help since 2002. Receive online class help with distributions, graphs, probability, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, regression, chi.

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Statistics Homework Help 247.. double check your answers and make sure you understand key concepts before the next test.. Statistical significance Factorials level of significance 0.01 Step 3 From the sample data determine x-bar, s and n then compute Standardized Test Statistic t (x-bar - 0)(sSQRT(n)) x-bar Estimate of the Population Mean (statistical mean of the sample) 88.5 n.

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