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Perhaps the form best-suited to the aims of the self-help book tradition is the meditation subtype. Here, the author brings together a series of his or her own short essays loosely grouped by subject matter and presents them as a sequence of personal reflections. The hope, of course, is that the reader will find some or all of.

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On die other hand, a mother, whose love for her child is incomparable will look after her own child better than anybody. Home Essay on Self Help. Related Essays 625 words essay on Our House Maid. Writing sample of essay on a given topic Self Help Is The Best Help Jan 6, 2013. The noted self-help guru Saint Augustine identified this problem back in the fourth century A.D. In his Confessions, he records an observation The mind. and money trying to reach it while simultaneously needing to be coaxed, bribed, tricked, and punished into a compliance that is inconsistent at best?

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